Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Junior Night 2010 by MCO

Last monday, i received invitation to attend the jr. night at faculty, DK 1... after received "green light" from Sutera Chairman, secretary, i have decided to present that nite...fuhh... felt kind da "pelik" coz me alone (part 6) dats night... but it was greats to get back to campus puncak... the presentation of course was simple just introduction on sutera organizer then report on our event, UiTM Wedding Planning Convention 2010...looking back at the pictures and video i felt likes, Hmm alaa....knpe mase cpt sgt berlalu... x puas tu la dia manusia, mmg x pernah puas kn.... but what is past is the past, time move on... after this, it's will never be the same again....peace:)

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